A History of U.S. Government Deceit and Genocide Through Vaccines and Medications

A History of U.S. Government Deceit and Genocide Through Vaccines and Medications 1 20210310 080141 1

The US government has a “treacherous history of experimentation, medications and vaccines” The goverment has a history of deceit and genocide against Black and Brown people through vaccination and medication programs.  During the Tuskegee  Experiments the government allowed black men to go untreated with syphilis resulting in the men, their wives and offspring contracting and spreading deadly disease.  In the 1960’s the measles was nearly irradicated before the government introduced the measles vaccine.

 NOI Research Group recently posted information on the history of the measles vaccine on its twitter page @NOIRresearch. According to the NOI Research Group’s twitter post,  “the measkes was nearly irradicated by the time the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963”.  What would account for the decline in measles before the vaccine was introduced? Virologists say that the reason for the deciline in measles was “better hygiene and good refrigeration practices.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us to take precautions against the coronavirus (covid 19).  During “The Criterion” message delivered July 4th The Honorable Minister called on our own scientists, virologists, and epidemiologist saying,. “We can not let them bring anything to us that we don’t dissect”. The Final Call Newspaper contains articles from The Honorable Minister Farrakhan. NOI.org publications  provide information and guidance from Minister Farrakhan, including his warnings to the Black community against taking the COVID-19 vaccine. 

People need a reliable source of information on bow best to protect themselves and their families from contracting COVID-19 and reducing its severity.  NOI.org publishes facts and information from the most reliable source. During “The Criterion” message delivered July 4th, 2020 Minister Farrakhan said  “Dont you take a vaccine unless you say to our people we’ve checked it out and you better be of the truthful ones.”

NNV News Writer Sister Rose Morris


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