A History of Medical Racism In The New Apartheid

A History of Medical Racism In The New Apartheid 1 20210314 115821

The U.S. history of medical racism has instilled in many people a deep mistrust of its government vaccination and medication programs. From the post Civil War to The Tuskegee Experiments, there is documented evidence of the U.S.government mistreatment, especially toward Black and Brown people. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense advocates for victims. According to @NOIResearch, “Nazi-like American physicians experimented on prisoners, orphans, the mentally and physically handicapped—Black AND White. Same people want you to take their vaccine”

The government has a long history of deceit when it comes to medical mistreatment. The Indians were handed blankets containing small pox that resulted in many of their population dead In 1932 the U.S.government began its Tuskegee Experiment allowing black men to go untreated with syphilis resulting in the men, their wives and offspring contracting and spreading deadly disease.

New CDC guidance lifting social distancing and mask wearing restriction for people who receive Pfiser, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson vaccines is essentially establishing controls and limitations on unvaccinated people. Unless a person is vaccinated they may not have the right to gather with a group. have dinner with family, or even hug a loved one. The government may convince some people to get vaccinated, but others will not be coerced by medical racism in the new Apartheid

On Sunday, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, co-chair of Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board admitted to Face The Nation that “there are institutions that have earned distrust”. According to Dr. Nunez-Smith the COVID-19 advisory board will launch a public education campaign with unique messages for various minority groups to build confidence. The campaign is timed to come out with new vaccine distributions by the government, bypassing governors. Dentist, podiatrists, and veterinarians will be able to vaccinate people.

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Rose Morris


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